1. WORD of the week!

  2. …. and this is the new exhibit coming up at @GR2 - SEE YOU THERE! (at Gr 2)

  3. @lakings prospect center Nick Shore with the winning goal in the shootout! #lakings #preseason (at Staples Center)

  4. The first time I ever owned a hockey jersey I got it by winning a bet. it was a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey and it was Felix Potvin. I obviously couldn’t wear it in public but every time I would see it in my closet I would chuckle. I’ve avoided buying one for a long time because it is a major commitment $$$🙀. But after winning two Stanley Cup 🏆🏆 in three years and poised to win back to back, I finally invested on a LA KINGS jersey and this time I decided on QUICK. There were so many choices- Doughty, Carter, Williams etc… But at the end of the day you’re only as good as your goaltender when all else fails. #inquickwetrust #stanleycupchampions #gokingsgo #isitoctoberyet 👑

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    Kit Harington in Seventh Son (2015)

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  7. kit harington smoking, as requested by anon.

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  8. Look how beautiful the new @officialannasui lipsticks look!! (at Anna Sui Store)

  9. "the star shaped bullet" of our new @officialannasui lipstick fits perfectly into your Cupid’s bow to shape your lips!

  10. Our new @officialannasui lipsticks !! Gorgeous!! Two kinds of formula to choose from!