1. Having a very healthy though late island breakfast on day 2 here…. Damn my legs and feet are aching from last night ! #guavajuice #avocado #localbreakfast #notmcdonalds (at Island Vintage Coffee)

  2. The best idea to have junk food in your body and NOT get fat! {well… You can STILL look fat with the design…} LOL!!! http://www.buzzfeed.com/angelamv/26-ridiculously-amazing-sweatshirts-you-can-actually-buy?bffbstyle&s=mobile

  3. Hanging with my homies! #pandjbeaute #sonyangel (at DFS Galleria Guam)

  4. A cute-fest photobomb!! LOL!! @pandjbeaute #sonyangel #neko (at Tumon Sands Plaza)

  5. Just “monkeying around” … On our way to a housewarming party.

  6. Is it me but isn’t this just a really THICK slice of bread !??? LOL!!! 1inch?!!! #japanesewhitebread


  7. Jon Snow is the obvious hero in Game of Thrones played by Kit Harington. But the true gem in that cast to me is Iwan Rheon who plays Ramsey Snow aka Ramsay Bolton moving forward.

    Here is a music video of Iwan to remind us he did star in SPRING AWAKENING once.. If you can take all the flaying and sadistic scenes out of your head.


  8. Yes I adore Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) but Ramsay Snow aka Ramsay Bolton played by Iwan Rheon is just as magnetic on screen - if you have the stomach to see all the flaying and sadism he inflicts.

    Here is Iwan in a music video to remind us he did star in SPRING AWAKENING , a musical on stage once!

  9. Testament Of Youth,”  is a BBC Films production of Vera Brittain’s WWI memoir that follows Brittain, a young woman on track for an Oxford education. But after losing both her fiancé and brother decides instead to go to the frontlines as a nurse. Alicia Vikander plays the iconic writer, feminist and pacifist Vera Brittain, and “Game Of Thrones” star Kit Harington plays Roland Leighton, her husband-to-be.

  10. Learning a little Pinoy History here! (at The Park’s Finest)